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My Stereo

selling EXACT PIECE. EVERYTHING IS THE SAME. no qns asked please!
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selling this for just 24 :)
no more pictures please thank you. :)
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i know, naddy's a good girlie :D

i feel so young to type this journal. lol. because.. omg. my first ever n level experience. hahaha. the first paper, malay paper 1 and 2. the minute i opened the paper, its not as if i cant do it. its the pressure, the tension and the surrounding which makes me go all nervous and restless and my palms were sweaty. ee. the questions were all managable, thank god i can cope. but i realised i was writing so god damn slow. as in fucking slow. i don't know, for a minute there i was in a total daze and my mind was blank. i know what to write just that im not sure why i cant write it down? nervous siol. haha yeah, so i tried to calm myself down and managed to finish my work in time. we only had 10 minutes of break before the next paper. hah. tomorrow? better! listening compre for malay till 8.30. next paper for ss would be at 2 pm. POWER :D

can't update much. gotta revise now. tomorrow's ss paper and i hope i'll do good? =) study lahhh. despite the fact that my notes are with b. eeh! :@

okay bye people.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
HAHA. giovani amanda sari

haha. at least without tricks/stunts i can still ride a skateboard :D HAHA fuck fun

lazy to upload the others. hahah.

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amanda made my blood vessels, cells or whatever fuck relaxed. at least on friday. thank you dear, i love you. went over to her place and we played skateboard :D! cooked funny food. i dont know, i find it hilarious. oatmeal, grilled fish etc. chilled near the pool, bathed and we even studied for 3 hours. smehow i was calm and relaxed. will be staying over during the hols after exams. ahh, great. (: pics up soon.

for now, im pretty fucked up and stressed. because n levels are nearing and my ss, eng and malay is near. fuck balls, i am heaving sweaty palms now. -.- that's rare. ahh fucking hell. i wanna make do my loved ones proud. e'g my parents, my cousin ayil, b and my aunties. i pray to god i'll do well now. :( most importantly, i wanna meet my friends next year agian. so at least we've got one more year to eat on the same table, study together in class and have fun together. okay, i feel like crying. sometimes even giving up. but no, i want to pursue. sigh. i'll try my best then.


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thursday.. shoudn't have come school. i mean, ends at 9 and we were practically just having some admin stuff going on in class and that's it. ended, shit tagged along home. watched old school army dayz, got ready and were off to town. with the exception that we got caught in the rain. haha, funny though. took the bus to town this time. dropped off after a quick nap. ahaha, was in a daze and i couldn't help but just shut my eyes. i think its the aftermath of not going to town much that i was much like a geek over at town just now. lol. yes, even a necklace shop excites the hell out of me. but heck! i couldn't find one with unicorns. the one over at MAAD was bought already luh. sigh, but its okay. saw this one realllyyy pretty dress and its having sale! only 55 bucks. oh my, what a beauty. but i'll have to work in ordder to buy it. sigh, its okay. after n levels. hahah. then thought about extensions and wenta hunt for the shop. after much walking, found it and it costs around 256 bucks. its 40-60 bundles for my hair length. cool! after work (: when i receive my pay! ahhhah. i must also save up for paramore's concert here. fuck yeah. hahah. i also gotta get a headband. i find it pretty! :D i got myself a gap topppp! yay. its a long sleeve cum hoodie! and its whiiiiite baby! wee.

kinda tired, so went home and reached around 8? yes. good girl :) okay, tomorrow's teacher's day celebration, ends at 9. going over to manda's!! weee :D but i have to go study. im doing combined humans tomorrow. ss and history. lucky she's doing history. lol, but will concentrate more on ss first since its on mon i think. saturday, should be lunch over at jalan kayu with baby. then go study for a few hours. sunday shall be rest day cum revise at night/day? yeah. alright, im hungry now. take care all.

naddy :D

*/ note to self ; relax! ;D

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Well there's a million other girls who do it just like you
Looking as innocent as possible to get to who

doesn't that just sound like you, girl? =)

how should i even start? hmmh. alright, saturday. saturday was.. slack. went to granny's in the end and played around with alya. :D such a dear, but she's scared when there's many around her. lol. sunday was one busy day. and kak ica's engagement ceremony was a blast! oh my god. she was so prettttyyy!! wow. i almost couldn't believe it was her man. i'll post up the pictures if ig et them soon. ;D hmm.. had to be the so called part-time photographer. lol, talked with cousins and stuff, managed to eat a meal and i was off by 4 to the train station to meet b. sayang dier! he came all the way from punggol to eunos, alala. hahaha. and we're off to HARBOURFRONT. aduhai. but it wasn't that far as i thought. lol, cause we stopped at outram and we're left with a stop more to harbourfront. pandai kan. :D haha.. we ate early dinner. bought some snacks and drinks and we're off to mt faber! got on the 7pm bus. and as we're going up the hill, we managed to watch the sunseeet! ehh, pretty pretty! so orange, so bright, so calm. and we were the only ones in the bus. ahh =) when we reached the top, the lobby, the view was superb and aweeeesome! :D hee. the lights, the buildings, the moon, the stars!, the wind. lucky enough we brought along 1 dollar coins cause we wanted to use those viewing machines or whatever. ahh i wanna go again! =)

lol.. superb fun luh. but we were runing out of time and we have school the next day. so managed to cath the 9.30 bus and we're off home. i love you baby. haha.. so on monday? school was, alright luh. nothing much. except that me khai and haqeel were sort of erm, handling some stuff. (which cannot be disclosed) haha. but its postponed for another occasion so yeah. today.. TODAY. hahah. b came school at 9 am. =) i slept in class and went home during recess. wasn't feeling good, then called mum. lucky her off day. at least ive got something to eat at home. then went out again cause b went home. -.- sempat jalan2 summore. tapi.. GEREK! :D shut up nad.

blablabla. nothing much happened uh today. tomorrow school, last day. cause thursday's leaving time's 9 am. i forgot why and on friday, teacher's day celebration. the week after? N LEVELS!! wahoo! ss, eng and malay. i'll do my very best then.

so, take care all.
eat your greens, kids

naddy :D

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my saturday plans are offically cancelled! because i think my flu and cough and fever is getting from bad to worst. and ive got so much phlegm and mucas in the immune system. pfft. but it's okay. buddy qim called me up in the morning to wake me up. -.- him and bear met me under the block for a while, talked and all. MAYBE going over to qim's place along with b and don. but maybe im not. i wanna go granny's and play with alya instead. hahaha. because i know i'll have alll the time in the world tomorrow with b. :D

i cannot wait to bake later at night! i THINK its banana muffins. dunoe. ahaha. okay im off to rest and meet my lil babygirl alya and aunt linda :S :D

I LOOK LIKE (enter waht you think is right)

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first and foremost, sorry emil girl. ): bah. i was supposed to text her to confirm wether we're meeting or not. sigh, so sorry. we'll meet soon i promise. the reason's cause i thought she needed time with kay since things went 37258375938q. i shant disclose. so yeah, we'll meet soon. so sorry again!

okay, so yesterday's movie was great. suster ngesot, in the end, it was b hugging and squeezing me. woo! hahaha :D BUT RIGHT. movie was supposed to art at 5.25 and he wa slate nd it was close to 6. and he needed to draw cash summore! :@ went up to buy the tix and lucky there was the 7.30 show. or else.. ill for sure scream at his ears. aha. cibei, the show fucke scary lah. at a moment when u think the so called "ghost" is gonna appear, you're prepared to scream and take cover. but nothing happens, so you'll jsut stare at the blank screen like normal and then AHHHHH come out. chao chee bye. got many ghost summore. fucker. hhhahah. AND. there were only 12 people in such a BIG palce. sial ah, which means 6 couples inc us. haha. "oh my godd" was one of the funny statements in the movie. go catch it! worth your bucks.

so after that, we got cold, so hung around the mall, bought some food to eat and we're off home. we hated the time cause it actually flew fast. haiya. but its okay , we have tomorrow! :D yahooo. today, imma go to dian's crib to chill and study. i know, im sick. but i'll get restless if i jsut sit at home. so yeah. toodles people.

iilysm pete baby.
naddy :D

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EHH. i dunoe why im still excited. -.- ok tomorrow i dont want to rest. the more i keep lepak2 at home i feel ill get weaker. u know like, how to say, you know youre sick then you still just lye around. hahah, im going out with my girl kamelia :D wee. were gonna sit, relax and just lay back! bringing books though. (: wee. ok byebye!

SUSTER NGESOT! I NOT SCARED! -_- i'll be the bravest in the cinema.. NOT.
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finally, its the end of the weekdays. i mean not officially but balls, im done with school for now. though its only the weekends, i'll just make the best out of it. i am now currently on a very sick state. plus addition, my reds has come. gosh. its times like these that i feel weak the most, and my flu and fever is killing me already. sigh, but its okay. plenty of rest should do. which means, no photoshooting session. its alright luh, i need to rest anyway. in the comforts of my own home and with the company of my bantal busuk. i shall be just fine. (: lessons were okay just now, but since my flu was irritating me much, i couldn't focus so i just tolerated and got over it. woo! after school, i went home straight and here i am, blogging cum resting. im going out soon later for movie date with baby. we're catching suster ngesot? or something like that. the scary indo movie that just came out yesterday. i'll post up the trailer. its only the trailer and im closing my eyes already. i dont know how i'll react later. gosh. after that should be dinner and maybe, just maybe we're going to the beach nearby. we're gonna have fun :D tomorrow will therefore be rest day. but i cant wait to bake blueberry muffins or i dont know what flavour muffins with mum at night. woo! baking on a saturday night~ awesome. ahah, the next day, sunday ; the day i am looking forward to! its packed and i love it. filled with activities i love! =) kak ica's engagement ceremony and i am looking forward to the delicioooouuuusss maut food! :D:D:D hahaha. sedaaapppp! mesti lah, sape2 tu yang masakkan? haha =) then after im bloated and all.. im off to harbourfront to meet mr pete. wee! i suddenly feel happy and excited again. lol.

i'mma take my rest now. going out in the evening. have your rest people, its the sick season.
muchlove, naddy :D
hoho. brace yourselves!

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